Menu card

Menu card

Cold Starters

  • Herring snacks served in your choice of olive oil or cream with apple34
  • Polish style tenderloin steak tartare with country yolk and plenty of condiments43
  • French style steak tartare with Dijon mustard and Brandy47
  • Pig’s trotters marinated in porcinis vinegar and wild mushrooms31
  • Polish style smoked salmon with red caviar64
  • Salmon tartare pink, richly seasoned with sesame seeds and horseradish68
  • Game pâté freshly prepared by us33


  • Spring salad like it used to be deliciously crispy with radish and sweet cream35
  • Provance Salad with Goat Cheese baked with honey and rosemary42
  • Green garden avocado, courgette, spinach, mushrooms, basil and rocket salad55
  • Romantic salad of duck’s breast, with rose-and-raspberry vinaigrette51

And for the main course...

  • Veal cutlets polish style with quail eggs and fresh cucumber salad82
  • Tenderloin forest style in wine-and-wild mushroom sauce with potato noodles92
  • Lamb Chops with walnuts and basil crust in pepper preserve91
  • Roasted lamb shoulder in a rosemary, thyme and wine98
  • Duck roasted Polish style baked with Antonov apples, a whole half!95
  • Duck breast on blackcurrant mousse, and red cabbage on honey and raisins75
  • Saddle of deer with a full retinue…105
  • Breaded Pork Cutlet …of a monstrous size, served with cabbage57
  • Milky Veal liver with balsamic sauce and Antonov apple, potatoes and dill41

Warm Starters

  • Lithuanian small dumplings in zabaglione or in butter32
  • Veal kidneys crispy, served with garlic28
  • Prawns served in clay dishes in olive oil and garlic65
  • Foie gras on chola bread on toast with Polish Honey liqueur and apple89
  • Potato pancakes with red caviar with boiled egg and onion88
  • Veal dumplings sprinkled with pig cracklings38


  • Warsaw style tripe on veal shanks28
  • Sour soup on porcinis with white sausage30
  • Hungarian goulash soup on genuine Hungarian peppers, prepared
    with potato noodles32
  • Golden bouillon on a variety of meats and vegetables23
  • Red borsch ruby coloured on leavening and apple peel with croquette28

Purely Polish fish

  • Pike-Perch with a leek mousse, served in spinach nest75
  • Pink salmon aromatically steamed with spices and vegetables60
  • Whole trout marinated in dill cucumber brine, baked in paper-thin pastry, laced with fresh dill56
  • Sturgeon enveloped in red caviar with chives and champagne99

And finally delights and desserts

  • “Soup of Nothing” with clouds and red fruits37
  • Halva Parfait with pistachio meringue and orange sauce33
  • Cherry Rumba after this cake you will dance forever…31
  • Apple pie served hot with ice cream and cinnamon22
  • Cheesecake from Cracow on it‘s way to Vienna27
  • Ice cream25

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